english · 22日 1月 2023
If you live far away or staying at a hotel, we also accept nails on a business trip. Please see from the expedition nail menu.
english · 04日 4月 2022
Nail equipment is mainly disinfected with surfactants, ethanol, UVC, and sodium hypochlorite.
english · 12日 3月 2022
The option menu can also be attached to nails. After gel nail, you can combine it with scrub or hand massage for 10 minutes.
The salon is a completely private room
english · 11日 2月 2022
Our salon is a complete reservation system and a complete private room. We will not contact other customers.

Head Spa
english · 11日 2月 2022
The menu contents of the head spa are décolletage, neck, ear area, facial pressure points, and the entire head. It is effective for eyestrain and sagging face.

Hot chocolate
english · 10日 2月 2022
Would you like hot chocolate?